Grand Valley Commercial Real Estate

About the company

Omega Realty & Associates, Inc. was formed in 1978 and focuses exclusively on commercial real estate brokerage services and property management in the Grand Valley. We have extensive experience in multi-use buildings and large office space. Our diverse clientele consists of real estate owners, developers, and asset managers.


From our founding, Omega Realty & Associates, Inc. has taken the toughest properties, transformed them, and created profits for owners who are benefited by the substantial amount of positive cash flow generated.

The outlook for the industrial/warehouse sector continues to brighten, including expected decreases in vacancy rates and projected gains in rental income.



Due diligence is critical, as post hoc contract changes may not be possible.  Analysis of your objectives, the involved parties, and structure of the contract are key components to determine success.

If you are unsure about whether to rent or sell your investment property, Omega Realty & Associates, Inc. can evaluate market conditions and help you make an informed decision, as well as arrange for the sale or lease of your asset.

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